Friday, July 15, 2011

Reversible Apron Tutorial

I hope this tutorial won't be too confusing, because this really is a very EASY apron to make. I think anyone can make one in a day. I made 2 today, and I'm sure I could have made a 3rd if I'd had the inclination....or if I didn't have 4 kids;) I'm going to add a LOT of pictures, and some of them are from different aprons I made, so don't let all the different materials confuse you. Here's the first apron I made.

As you can see, it is 2 different fabrics, exactly opposite patterns on each side. You will need 2 coordinating fabrics - I can get 1 adult size apron out of 1 yard of each material. Here are the pieces you will need to cut.

I actually make my waist straps 32" long instead of 22", because I like to wrap it around myself and tie it in the front.

For a child size apron - 4 1/2" along top (instead of 5), 11" along bottom (instead of 15), 23" full length (instead o f 26") and 15 1/2" length from waist down (instead of 16 1/2"), waist straps are 20" long and neck strap is 21" long, pocket is 12" by 7" (I think - see if it looks good;) ). This size fits my 10 year old very well, but would not fit a toddler or young child.

Now you can start cutting. If you make yourself a template of the main apron piece, out of newspaper or tissue paper or whatever, then it'll make it a lot easier if you want to make multiple aprons (like for Christmas presents or something). Make sure you're cutting your main apron piece on the fold of fabric! Cut one main apron piece out of each fabric. Also, at our sewing group we used Kimberly's cutting machine to make the 1 1/2" strips - that was nice:) Cut 2 waist straps from each fabric (4 total), and 1 neck strap from each fabric (2 total). Cut 1 pocket from each fabric, unless you're doing 2 small pockets - then you'll need 2 from each fabric (4 total). As you can see on my first apron, you can do applique on the chest of the apron, so if you want to do that, cut those out too. Now you have all your pieces.

First sew on the pocket. For the regular rectangle pocket, iron down all side 1/2", then sew 1/4" stitch along the top of the pocket.

Turn pocket over and sew onto apron, 1/8" or 1/4" down one side, along the bottom, and up the other side. You can sew a line down the center of the pocket to creat 2 pockets.

If you are doing applique, now is the time. The first apron I did had a really cute apple and pear print, so I just cut out some of those.

I did a zig-zag stitch on these, but you can also use your button-hole stitch if you have a cheap sewing machine like mine, and you can't get a tight zig-zag stitch.

Next, straps. These are 2-sided straps, and that is why you needed 4 pieces instead of just 2. Put the straps right sides together.

Sew 1/4" seam down both sides, creating a tube, leaving the ends open so you can pull it right-side-out again.

Once you've pulled the right sides out (I always use a safety pin), iron the straps flat, and finish one end of each waist strap by tucking it into itself 1/2" and stitching it however you like.

I also made an apron that had 3 materials instead of two....

The straps on this one are just one material instead of two, so if you wanted to make straps like that instead, here is how. The strap is still the same length, but it needs to be 4" wide. First finish one end of each waist strap by folding it down 1/2" and stitching. Then fold the strap in half lengthwise and iron to make a crease, and then fold the edges into that middle crease and iron, like this

Then fold together

And sew about 1/8" seam down both sides of the strap

Okay, now you are ready to put it all together. Lay down one side of your apron

And put the other side on top, right side's facing together.

Remember, you've got to put your straps in. Line up the unfinished edges of the straps with the edges of the apron, a little more than 1/2" from the corners, to allow for a 1/2" seam allowance.

If you have straps with 2 fabrics, make sure that the fabrics on the straps are facing the opposite fabrics on the apron.

Now sew 1/2" along the whole outer edge of the apron, except for a pocket you will leave along the bottom, so you can pull the apron right-side-out.

Before you pull it right-side-out, snip the corners to remove bulk.

After you turn it right-side-out, iron all the seams. Here's your opening at the bottom.

Turn it under 1/2"

and iron flat

Now you are going to top stitch the whole apron 1/8"-1/4". This will close up the opening you left at the bottom....

And reinforce your straps

Here's another one I made with 2 pockets instead of 1.

And here's one I made for my daughter

I had 2 long pieces of fabric that I couldn't quite fit the whole apron piece on, so I cut the bottom and top parts of the apron out separately, and then stitched them together on opposite sides. I also had to piece together the straps, but I really like the way that it turned out, and there was NOT material wasted:) My other daughter wants one too, and I think I might try a ruffle along the bottom or something. The basic pattern for this is very easy, but you can tweek it in all kinds of ways - just use your imagination. Happy sewing everyone, and I hope you will add your own pictures of the aprons you make.

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