Friday, May 27, 2011

At Last...

Sigh!  It is more than a little embarrassing that it took me this long to get my post for the Skirt challenge done.  I seem to be losing steam.  sigh again.

Here is the Skirt!  (I feel as if there should be some momentous music cue....or perhaps an ominous one!)

I just made a simple tailored skirt.  I originally intended to put some welt pockets on the front but chickened out as I did not have enough fabric to match the print on the welts.  (When looking for an excuse, you will always find one.  It may not be a very good one, but it will be an excuse nonetheless. heh)  I was also worried that they would gap as I am not as experienced with that style pocket as I ought to be  Of course, how one is supposed to get better if there is always a convenient excuse.....

As you can see, rather than a traditional kick pleat in the back I set in in the side.  I wanted it closed so nothing would show.  When I set the fabric in to the seam I was pleased with the proportions, forgetting that I was going to put a big hem in it.  So now every time I look at the pleat it, stumpy.  I am very pleased with the funky jewelry finding I added for art's sake though. :)

In a funny side note, I carefully remembered to add the little bits in the side seams where my sloper said I need a bit more room, only to find that it was COMPLETELY wrong.  Sigh!  You see, since Ruth still had my sloper pattern I just used the "fashion" version of the pattern and it had the ease already added.  sigh again.  So Now I need to go through and trace off the seam line that I actually used on the skirt and draw it on the pattern so I can remember the adjustment.

I also put into practice the "lapped zipper" I learned how to do from our zipper month.  Be proud of me, it is PERFECT. 

Now on to bigger and better things?  perhaps. heh k.