Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011

This month for our dare we are actually going to....well, dare ourselves!  This month we are plotting the BIG project.  Everyone here has been feeling a need to feel INSPIRED, to find something she really wants to do and then to do it fully. 

In the course of the discussion (which included some great things like organizing/maximizing your work space and your calendar time) we decided that this year we will try to make a dress....from scratch....well, from sloper.  That means of course that we all need a decent personal sloper.  (A sloper is a basic pattern that FITS perfectly and is the basis for every design.  With a good sloper and some creativity...and a little patience I can make any design your heart desires.)

This project will also include all the skills mentioned during the meeting of things we OUGHT to work on this year.  SO there will likely be hemming, buttonholes, sleeves to set etc.

So the first challenge of the new year, and the requirements for January?  You need a good basic pattern that can be made to fit you just right.  (I found a "good" one at  It is "good" because I have never tried it, but it seems like just what we are going to need and happened to be on sale when I saw it.)  You also need to bring a pic (or post if it is a digital image) of your dream dress.  And the final thing to bring for the DRESS is a dress that fits you well, and/or your list of gripes about the way things off the rack tend to fit you.

And a last little bit: we are going to try to do a little general fabric bring a found piece that we can examine/discuss and potentially destroy. hehehe k.